We are Mallikarjun Auto


At Mallikarjun Auto, we provide each and every one of our highly esteemed customers with quality services that are aimed at improving the look and performance of your motorcycle. Currently, we render the following services.

Repairs / Maintenance

Our team of skilled and experienced mechanics help in appropriately conducting any type of repair or maintenance work that your bike needs….


Instead of getting rid of such a bike, we perform quality rebuild services on the bike to help create a very new look that fits your specifications. We also make sure that the serial number…

Oil changes

When your engine starts heating up when in traffic or the moment you realize that you bike performance with regards to its speed is a bit down, our oil change service …

Parts & Accessory

With this service, we see to the provision of high quality bike parts for all brands of motorcycles and also have a team of experienced mechanics…

Motorcycle Engine Repair

With this service, we conduct various diagnostic assessments of your bike’s engine as pivot improve your relationship in order to identify the actual location of faults…

Routine Maintenance

Maintenance services like checking brakes, primary and transmission fluid changes among others are provided by a team of expert mechanics…

Emergency pick-up service available. Please call us

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